Employment Opportunities

Why Work for Us?

*We want you to take your time and Do It Right. No rushing to the next job. All Installers
are on Salary/Hourly Rate.

*We Pay well because we want to keep you.

*We actually give pay increases on time as agreed upon.

*We Understand that Family comes first.

*We understand training is important- We will make sure you are trained before sending you out on your own.

​*We understand that everyone has different skill sets-We want you to grow with us.

​*We are logical and flexible to our employees needs.

*Our hours are generally 8:30-5:00 M-F for Installers and Admin. Sometimes a job runs late for installers but we try to schedule so you don't have to work outside of that.

*We are open and honest about the Company's place in the market and we include our employees not just upper management. WE ARE ALL A TEAM!

PS. It is not that easy to get in with us...but if you give us 110% we will do the same and you will never want to leave. Fill out the application and let us know what you're looking for. We can't wait to meet you!

HIDR Application